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Main Floor Audio Upgrade:
The stage is situated in the middle of a large open area, with patrons generally placed behind, next to, or in front of DJ’s and performers. Rockets does not define itself as a night club, and the technical challenge was to create ambience, head-room for additional volume when required, but to keep residual noise to a minimum due to the densely populated residential area surrounding the venue.

A JBL PRX PA system was chosen (PRX812 and PRX818) due to its high quality sound reproduction, efficiency, and robust build. Baffles were placed underneath the subwoofers to reduce unwanted frequencies caused from excessive vibration.

Rooftop Bar Audio Upgrade:
Being an open-air space, and considering concerns surrounding noise pollution, a solution that would offer ambient, yet controlled volume, was required. Commercial speakers provided the correct technical solution, as they would be small, aesthetically hidden above the eye-line, but still powerful enough to pack a punch if needed.

The rooftop venue also needed its own separate way of controlling sound source and volume, and had to be split from the main equipment rack situated downstairs. Wall panels and a speaker management system were required in order to complete this solution, designed to give management an easy way to control this venue depending on the type of event being held there.

Equipment Supplied:

  • JBL Control Speakers
  • JBL Ceiling-mount Subs
  • Crown Amplifiers
  • BSS Signal Processor
  • BSS Speaker Management System
  • Wall Panels for Control
Rockets Bryanston (Flagship Venue)
project type:
Audio Distribution
30 Days