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Reception Area:
Brief: Digital Signage Solution

The large reception area at Cigicell required a self-managed, easy to use digital signage solution.
An 82” Samsung screen was installed with a media player and webcam. An Ethernet point was provided to connect the media player to Cigicell’s network. Parsempo, a state-of-the-art digital signage software, was installed onto the media player. The marketing department downloaded the App, and within minutes the screen was live with content driven from the marketing department based in a separate building.
The webcam provides analytics for market research, and biometric data related to how long customers looked at the screen, their age, gender, and other potentially relevant information gathered.

Equipment Supplied:

  • Samsung Screen
  • Ranger media Player
  • Logitech Camera
  • Parsempo Software

Main Boardroom:
Brief: High Quality Video Conferencing Solution

Cigicell required a modernization of their previous boardroom technology, with a focus on simplicity of use, and minimal hardware to be placed on the boardroom table. Presentation solution is based on BYOB (Bring your own device).
The agreed solution included a ceiling-tile beam-forming microphone array with processor, PTZ Camera, NEC Projector, and Large-format projection screen. The entire system runs off a single USB3 cable which connects to any current laptop model. The presenter would simply connect using this cable, and the video call is launched from the user’s device.
Once connected, the USB cable activates a processor, which in turn activates the room Camera, Speakers, Projector and Microphone for automatic ease of use.

Equipment Supplied:

  • Clear-One Versa 150 System
  • (Consists of Tile microphone, PTZ Camera, Hub and USB Cable)
  • Grandview Screen
  • Nec Projector
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project type:
Corporate AV
30 Days